May 01, 2019

Healthy Pantry Initiative

Through the "Healthy Pantry Initiative", and with the help of Laura Held and Desiree Bass, we were able to reorganize and label our pantry shelves. The goals of the Healthy Pantry Initiative are to “increase the accessibility, distribution, and consumption of healthy foods through the progressive adoption of strategies that support up to 5 objectives in emergency andsupplemental food distribution settings: increase client choice; market healthful products; emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, staples; promote additional resources; and plan for alternate eating patterns.” ( A big shout out to Foodlink and especially Laura and Desiree for your help. Our pantry has never looked better!

We are always accepting donations of non-perishable foods and HBA supplies (unexpired only, please). Give Dee or Elly a call at 585-237-2600 to set up a time to drop off your donations or simply drop them off at our main office during business hours.