Our Work


Community Action recognizes that stable, affordable housing is critical to maintaining or gaining self-sufficiency for families. We administer various programs such as Senior and Family affordable housing opportunities, Homeowner Rehabilitation, Section 8 Assistance Program for renters & homeowners, and emergency assistance for families in crisis.

Rental Assistance / Section 8 Voucher Program

Community Action is the authorized administer for the Section 8 voucher program in Wyoming County. This rental assistance provides affordable housing for low-income households. Your share of the cost of rent is based on your income. Rental assistance is also available for lot rent for mobile homeowners. For assistance with the application process, contact the Section 8 Program Specialist at (585) 237-2600.

Home Rehabilitation

HOME Program

The HOME Program will make moderate renovations to owner occupied existing housing stock as outlined in the program guidelines. The first step is to verify that the owner/occupant is eligible for the program. We will need to verify that property taxes are paid and current home insurance as well as other program requirements.

All housing rehabilitation programs carry a deferred mortgage that is placed against the property and will last from 2 – 10 years depending on program guidelines.


The RESTORE program will make emergency repairs to homes owned by very low-income elderly heads of households. The emergency needs will be addressed as soon as possible according to an established timetable. The type of repairs will be limited to the emergency repairs necessary to eliminate a health and safety threat to the household. These repairs may include electrical wiring, plumbing, water supply, septic issues, heating systems, steps, ramps, porches, doors, windows, handrails, roofing, sump systems and correcting drainage problems.

Applicants eligibility will be determined upon receipt of required documentation and their emergency need evaluated. If funding is available, the evaluation will take place within 72 hours with the work completed within 30 days.

The client will be required to sign a lien agreement for a three-year period for the cost of repairs and applicable fees.

Housing Options

Community Action operates several affordable housing properties;

Champion Place is a 19 Unit, one-level apartment complex for seniors in Perry with rent subsidy based on annual income.

The Northridge Complexes, located in Arcade, are 36-unit family townhouses with a rent cap based on the percentage of annual household income.

Community Action also manages supportive homes in communities throughout the county for families who are at risk of being homeless.


The weatherization program serves low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners and renters. This program can provide energy audits, health and safety measures, energy conservation, education, emergency furnace repairs and replacements, and other minor repairs related to energy needs.

Areas served include Livingston, Wyoming, Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties. For more information please call Cattaraugus Community Action at (716) 945-1041.